Success Stories

Yes You Can Run clients achieve their running goals.

Kathy F., Milwaukee, WI:

"I never imagined that I could ever become a runner. But knowing about Rik’s amazing journey—he went from being about 100 pounds overweight to becoming a very fit marathon runner—was really inspirational. Maybe this was something that I could actually do!  Motivated by his example, I decided to try it.

Rik’s coaching was instrumental. He is really knowledgeable about running because he has studied the sport quite a lot, and has a real passion for it. But beyond that, because of his own personal experience, I know that he really gets what it is like to be a beginning runner.

Beyond setting goals, creating an appropriate training plan and paying attention to technique, there is a psychological element that is very important. Rik encouraged me to frame my thinking in a way that was really helpful; challenge myself, don’t compare myself to others, and really celebrate my victories.

Rik coached me as I trained for my first 5k race, and ran that race with me at my pace. (I'm in the pink top at left.) My running time wasn’t fast, but I felt like a champion crossing the finish line, and was hooked.

A few races later, when I met my goal of running a 5k under 30 minutes, the first thing I did was text Rik to share the good news.

Although I am interested in running a 10k now, I don’t know yet if I’ll ever train for a marathon, since that would require a larger time commitment for training. But if I do, I know that I can get excellent coaching and encouragement from Rik. I highly recommend him!"

Lealah S., Tulsa, OK:

"Rik is my absolute top choice for a running coach! Rik provided me with advice and helped me with my goals, fears, and prospects. Then he drove over 700 miles to run my first marathon with me!

My first marathon ended up being an excruciating experience, and Rik stuck with me, never leaving my side, encouraging me all the while.

I cannot put into words how grateful I was to have him there, and how amazing and supportive he was during one of my all-time most difficult endeavors."