Learn to run...better, further, faster.

What's your goal?

I will work with you to develop a personalized daily training plan that will help you achieve your running goal.

  • Beginner running program / Couch to 5K
  • Faster 5K
  • First or Faster 10K
  • First or Faster half marathon
  • First or Faster marathon
  • Overnight relay
  • Other / custom running goal


  • Coaching is $25/week, regardless of goal.
  • In-person meetings beyond your initial consultation are $25/hour.

Your personalized program includes

  • Help with setting and following through on smart and attainable goals
  • A training schedule that fits into your life
  • Coaching, support, and motivation via phone, email, or text (in-person meeting at additional cost)
  • Professional advice, guidance, and accountability
  • Information on proper running shoes, clothing, and equipment
  • Mental coaching to make the connection between what you want and how you can achieve it
  • Gait analysis
  • General injury prevention tips
  • Strength and conditioning exercises to complement running
  • Stretching exercises and foam roller techniques to relieve tight and sore muscles
  • Strategies for race nutrition,
  • Guidance on rest and recovery

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